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2022 Marked the 2nd Annual

2022 Folktale Fight Focus 6.jpg

Within the storytelling community, there are Liar’s Contests for tall tales and StorySlams for personal narratives. There are few contests or contest formats dedicated specifically to folk and fairy tales. Our hope is that this contest will serve to fill that gap, and give the emergent tellers who specialize in these tales an opportunity to make a name for themselves telling what they tell best.

This contest is for emergent tellers: storytellers who have extended experience performing but have not appeared at a festival of national renown such as the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough or the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival in Utah, including the "New Voices" type stage and have not performed for TELL before.


From contest video submissions, a review board selected

six semi-finalists who competed in front of a live audience on

May 19, 2022 at 7pm EDT on Zoom.

Click Here to learn more about the tellers,Judges, Emcee....and the winners!

The live contest consisted of three rounds emceed by Cooper Braun. The audience voted three times during the contest.

In Round 1, three semi-finalists told a folk or fairy tale. An audience favorite was selected via audience vote, and the judges mutually selected the Round 1 winner, who became a Finalist.

In Round 2, the three other remaining semi-finalists each told a folk or fairy tale. An audience favorite was selected via audience vote, and the judges selected the Round 2 winner, who became a Finalist.

In the Final Round, the two Finalists each told a second folk or fairy tale. The audience got one vote via poll for the winner, 

judge Janice Del Negro got one vote, and judge Alton Chung got one vote. Best two out of three won, and the evening concluded announcing the 2022 TELL Folktale Fight CHAMPION
who performed in our Winter Olio on December 15th!


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